Straight Talk Video Files

The following videos summarize the key aspects of the book “Straight Talk About Disk Backup with Deduplication”.

Straight Talk Video 1
Straight Talk Video 1: Learn the key questions and considerations for selecting a disk backup solution to avoid potential “gotchas”
down the road.
Straight Talk Video 2
Straight Talk Video 2: Learn the key challenges with using straight disk as a staging area for your backups.
Straight Talk Video 3
Straight Talk Video 3: Learn about the wide variety of deduplication approaches highlighting key differences and tradeoffs for each.
Straight Talk Video 4
Straight Talk Video 4: Learn why the backup architecture you chose is critical to overall backup performance – such as maintaining a short backup window that does not expand as data grows, and if expansion will cause expensive forklift upgrades.
Straight Talk Video 5
Straight Talk Video 5: Learn even more about the concepts and, more specifically, the questions you should ask before making a final selection of a disk backup with deduplication product.

Straight Talk Audio Files

The following are convenient podcasts that narrate chapters in the “Straight Talk About Disk Backup with Deduplication” book.

ExaGrid Podcast Introduction
Download Introduction MP3
ExaGrid Podcast Chapter 1
Download Chapter 1 MP3
ExaGrid Podcast Chapter 2
Download Chapter 2 MP3
ExaGrid Podcast Chapter 3
Download Chapter 3 MP3
ExaGrid Podcast Chapter 4
Download Chapter 4 MP3
ExaGrid Podcast Chapter 5
Download Chapter 5 MP3